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Hi I'm Shanté.
I'm 19, straight and happily taken the most amazing boy that i love so much.
I am a general fuck up when it comes to most things in life and i try not to take myself too seriously, or in fact at all.
I can be a tad bit random at times, say inappropriate things, and just generally be weird. But Hay Ho, that's just me :) Explore...

For the past two weeks I’ve been caught up in the joys and experiences of the ‘Freshers period’. Although i still feel too immensely immature to be here, i think i’m settling in well. I’ve been busy enough to not focus too much on my family, friends and my amazing boyfriend, but now i am. The novelty of fresher’s week is starting to wear off and i’m slowly realizing that I, and only I, am in control of my life now. I’ve always been independent but now I’m actually on my own. Not being able to have the comfort of my family and friends around me is settling in now,and it sucks a bit. I am so happy i got into Keele, i’m beyond happy about the choices i made about my course, but it would have been that extra bit better if i could share what i did in the day over a cup of tea with my best friends. Or just to be able to rant on about something that annoyed me to my boyfriend with a few cuddles in between. Yes i said cuddles, i am actually girly in some aspects of my life.

But yeah, as much as i love Keele I miss the people closest to me and i love them very much.


I’m officially a fresher now :D

I’m officially a fresher now :D

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